This is the deal: my artist friends Janez Janšas (plural) have this website here and they’ve asked me to be their first resident blogger. Since I’ve never actually blogged it seamed like a good idea to empty the rarely opened drawers of my mind – as they surely say in some culture or other. Even though I will probably be talking about myself most of the time I am aware that I’m inhabiting precious idea-space of these three dedicated guys. Strange and fine feeling.

Now that I think of it — there were a few days when I was contemplating blogging. In 1995 I was reading Suck.com that attracted me as a medium specific project and resonated with my search for what this new beast (the web) is good for. Instead of going for the narrative option I went on to co-create net.art which was a good course of action. I don’t know if you can notice this while reading but few hours have past between writing the beginning of this paragraph and now. It turns out that Suck is well archived and I’ve completely lost myself there looking for a post that linked to something of mine. I remember feeling great and I remember it was connected to the (paper) magazine I used to edit back then called Very Cyber Indeed. I promise to write a bit about it in the next post.
In case you do not feel like reading ALL of Suck be sure to at least check the sept ’95 the review of Jodi?

The other part of the deal here is that I get to spend several weeks in the Janša HQ viewing the materials that didn’t make the cut for their movie. I will be treating those clips as departure or arrival points of my posts. That will help me should I get stuck without ideas.
The first clip I am going to share is my own:

As you can see it is a perfectly nice narrative about many different things Janša. I really think this should have made it to the movie. Also you can see my kitchen with some nice knives from Japan, fine pots and steaming equipment. I am sorry that the camera didn’t zoom in to show more details of our carefully selected china.

Enough for now, stay tuned for more. I will try to keep this going three times a week for three months. The numbers in the titles are a countdown to the final post. I took this from Very Cyber Indeed. So I now really have to write about THAT for the next post. See you..