[-10] Back to geopolitics?

Times are tough again and good-times consumerist ideologies don’t work any more. Looks like the water is flowing back to the old riverbeds of geopolitics and that brings back some bad memories. 

Looking at american and english elections, I am getting this impression that the question now is not whether the wealthy part of humanity is retracting from the merry spending spree but how far back can we all go and what is going to be the new aroma of life for the rest of the world.

We don’t have to look too far for ideas on how this bravely regressed new world might look. Do you remember the Committee for Un-american Activities? Until recently it was considered as a dark episode we have long surpassed but now — with creationists and other Tea Party madman — it seems like not such a radical nightmare at all. Marco Snafu describes the Dalton Trumbo story from those times in the following clip:

But maybe the capitalist/nazi annihilation of culture and/or dissent is not the last stop on our global regression route. What if we make just one more easy step? What if the champions of religious public discourse discover that their power would be best consolidated if they reintroduce good old values of fearing god? Listen carefuly to Caronia in the following clip and try to imagine a world — your world — being centered around such theological dilemmas:

I am signing this short post with a conference picture of moi taken by Tomi last autumn in Stttgrt. Also you should know I am wearing this same t-shirt right now.
Vuk Stuttgart by Tomi.