[-11] Image moving

I was just invited by my friend Massimo to participate in a museum event entitled “Video Contagion” or was it “Infection”. It is about how moving images work(ed) in various artists movements in the last century. See you all in Torino.

Obviously I will be talking/showing my ASCII stuff from 20 years ago. Maybe also some hidden film related stuff I did in the meantime, such as these slides for a talk at last years Oberhausen Short Film Festival:

(the festival topic was Film without Film, so I used the movie blurbs, logical no? Someone was doing t.shirts with these… good idea.)

I haven’t been to Torino since 1997 (when I was in a dead-fish direct-action with Luther Blissetts) and am glad to visit again. The Blissett is directly connected with the Janša project, but let’s not go that way now. Instead, here’s a brief clip in which my friend Marco explains his pseudonym Snafu (actually I only knew him under that name, only later to discover the real one):