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[-12] Plot thickens

DAM Gallery in Berlin is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Pen Plotter and I have just finished the graphic for the show. Let me explain.

The thing I did consists of two superimposed conversions of the same image: a contour trace (typical of the technical drawings for which the plotter was most used) and a layer of cuneiform ASCII. The cuneiform is here because I have been working on mesopotamian video but also because it might become necessary to fake the entire history of that region thanks to rapid destruction of archaeology by ISIS.

Luka Frelih did the whole ASCII conversion and after tons of trouble with finding the ancient plotter it finally happened this morning. Here’s a couple of pictures:

print closeup
In the closeup you can see the pen strokes. Great tech, will try to use it again.
And this is the phone pic of the very first test print. The plotter we used has no other color pens so the final print is bw. Fine with me.

So, while our generation is busy configuring the new rules for the information society of the future we should also think of establishing a good and credible past. Here’s more about the future: