Scream Cola top

[-15] Art value

A man bought Munch Scream for 110 million and is now buying a slovenian bank for 200. That comparison didn’t go down super-easy with the locals. It makes a bank look cheap, specially if you know that the murky Norwegian made several versions of the damn painting. 

Which brings me back to the observation about artists being the ones that not only create meaning and invent spaces of freedom (in some instances) but are also the people that (also sometimes) have the alchemists capability of creating value out of nothing. I don’t want my artist friends to feel too superior to the sad money-oriented people too fast, but there is something there. Maybe it’s the lunch I just had (lucky day) but I think that it is enough if I just say: think about it.

Here’s how that thinking looks when applied to the Janša project. Because some serious value is being created here too: