[-16] Not a Comedy of Errors

Part of political marketing is to create fun type of confusion. The best type is the comedy of errors. The Janša project is NOT about that.

I know of several occasions when media tried to lure our Janša friends into some quick n easy type of name-based gimmick and they refused. It would just be too easy and would rapidly fall in the slapstick category which is what this project isn’t.  The one way to transcend this would be to actually run in the elections in the way Eddie Murphy did in The Distinguished Gentleman. Here’s the trailer:

And here is what our artist friends had to say about a possibility of name-change similar to Janša in their countries. First, here’s Geoff Cox about Thatcher:

Then Tatiana Bazzichelli about Berlusconi:

Marco Deseriis about that same Berlusconi:

And finally the Ubermorgen about Heider: