Picasso police

[-18] Appropriate this

There was a lot of talk about appropriation in a seminar last month. Some of it made me nervous and some made me think. 

In my view, art is a social subsystem that is equally game as any other – corporate world, politics, church and the rest. Between us there have always been and always will be interdependence and borrowing of ideas in all directions.

The crossings of borders between subsystems are sometimes viewed as sell-out and sometimes as manipulation but the bottom line is in some general sense of decency and of course in talent of the perpetrator.

For instance the Citroen Picasso used as police vehicle in Spain would certainly make the old painter cry much more than Dali perfume would Breton.

While we may be annoyed when the ad makers call their craft creativity it is also true that in art we frequently borrow the craft of sales. This whole guest blog for instance is a work of artistic exchange and respect between my(inflated)self and the Janša project. The thing works in both senses: you get to read my notes and you see fine clips that didn’t end in the movie. In the end – few posts from now – you will be treated with a special gift: the final release of the complete documentary online. You know, the hi-def full screen thing with subtitles in tons of languages and all free of charge. So finally you will be able to organise those movie watching family evenings and office parties that you always wanted. Stay tuned.

I would like to show you a small video now. It is a few straight sentences by Julius von Bismarck saluting the originality of the name change operation by the Janšas: