[-7] Reading into stuff

When you’re an artist it is important to carefully read all feedback. Like this you get socialised and your next thing will go down more smoothly. Or not.

While ploughing through the vault with unused fragments of footage for the Janša movie, I checked the clips many times over. It became very obvious to me when critics only used the example of Janša to explain their own current preoccupations. Best example is our friend Tatiana Bazzichelli who basically adapted the Janša project to her own intellectual pursuit of Networked Disruption:

Similar was my impression with Marco Deseriis when he cheers Janša project as potential creation of a social or political movement:

An artist that is fortunate enough to ever get feedback has several options:

  • (opportunistically) accept the offered framing as part (meaning, direction) of your future work and suck up to the powerful critic with your next piece,
  • (confrontationally) ridicule the critic if s/he is simply missing the point while doing self-promo and risk not being included in some essay or a show or
  • (cleverly) think about how you and your work are socialising, do your own framing and hope your individual angle will not eternally insult everybody around you.

Did I forget anything?