[-8] Disambiguate or deduplicate

Same name problem or homonymy creates difficulties to everybody: the state, the bearers of the name and to the surrounding people. Let us see how are we going to solve it.

Jan Fabre has relatives using his name, but grew unhappy with consequences:

So — if I understood the man well — the kids had to change their name from Jan to something else. That’s one thing you can do.

Another thing is when the state needs to differentiate between more people with the same name. Then it opens the database and looks up neighbouring fields: birth date, place of birth, family lineage, address and such. This process is called disambiguation and here you have Marco giving it a broader context:

But as he says at the end, there’s people that deliberately chose to game the system. The great paradox of the Janša name-change operation is well explained by Caronia here:

My only hope is that the owners of the database of names will not choose another available way of dealing with the problem and that is to deduplicate. In a perfectly sweet world we live in, it is completely imaginable that some bureaucrat will get an (MS Windows) dialogue box inside his drone management that looks like this:

Deduplicate Janez Janša

Actually similar to the beginning of the movie Brazil. If you didn’t see it you should.