[-1] Ready for liftoff?

This guest blog was a scheme to electrify the global audience into frenetic expectation of the final release of the intensely subtitled Janša movie. Epic marketing fail aside, the day has come.  (plus Post Mortem)

So, without beating around the bush, here it is: the full HD version of My Name is Janez Janša, with subtitles in 7 languages:

But there’s more. There is also a great new Tumblr where you can see all of the extras from this film that I have included in these posts, but without the pain of going through my writing. Now ain’t that a treat!

Post Mortem

The writing of this blog was a great way to revisit some old projects and thoughts. Also it was tons of typing and linking fun. When preparing for the thing I went through different warehouses of stuff and have created directories of useful materials. Because I hate to see stuff go to waste, here’s the remainders for you to enjoy. I am beginning with the five extra clips from the Janša video vault:

Here are the photos that didn’t make the cut. View them larger (mostly they are huge) and have fun imagining posts I didn’t write:

Then there was a directory of amazing movie stills, again thought of as ideal huge top-of-the-post pictures or somehow else connected with the things I have to say but didn’t. Again large pix, click to adore:


Also, I had this desire to briefly mention different hidden projects:

Greater Slovenia

Together with Davor Bauk I looked into the impossibility to draw our tiny country on big maps. We zoomed in, and then enlarged the prints of our most decorative Slovenia:

 Game Flags

While preparing the slides for a talk at EuroGEL in CPH I added a little bonus:

US Invaderz
US Invaderz
Pac Sweden
Pac Sweden

Then I printed nice large versions for a solo in Dubrovnik:

This was at Art Radionica Lazareti in 2007
This was at Art Radionica Lazareti in 2007

And finally when Regine Debatty was in town she modelled for an online shop that I never made:

Regine US Invaders Regine Tetriss Regine Pac Sweden Regine Nipong

 Nation Culture

In year 2000 Slovenia was celebrating 200th birthday of France Prešeren, it’s greatest poet. His verses are the national anthem, his sculpture is in the main square of the capital, his face on the 2€ coin… His great contribution to local culture was that next to grasping the national soul he also managed to express it through the most complicated literary form of wreath of sonnets.

So, in 2000 for the first time they have decided to take his manuscripts from the vault and do a fancy show at the National Museum. For some reason I was offered to be the contemporary counterpoint and have decided to mirror his main project. The national soul was represented via the realtime feed of search queries from the now defunct search engine (Matkurja) displayed as a constantly scrolling sonnet recreated with that same font. Here’s two snapshots, midday and midnight ones. Both heavy with porn:

nacija-kultura-poldne nacija-kultura-polnoc

Classics of net.art – prints

In 1997 I did a fake publishers site with monographs of familiar artists. The hoax was on critics and curators that were writing to the editor Keiko Suzuki (my pseudonym) for free copies but that was forwarded to 7-11, the net.artists mailing list. Then I made physical copies for a show in Korea:



ASCII Architecture

This was in Liverpool in 2000. I made a photo of this building, converted the picture in ASCII and projected it back on the building. It was tough because it was 120m long and 30m high and the projectors were at 60m distance… but it worked (sorry for tiny pix):

ascii architecture liverpool 2000 2 ascii architecture liverpool 2000

ASCII Sculptures

For a solo in Tel Aviv I decided to do the same thing only inside a gallery. I asked Galit the curator to go to Jaffa and buy 7 random sculptures, paint them white and send me the photos. Then again, I made the ASCII pix and projected them back on the sculptures. Here:

DSCF0466 DSCF0468 DSCF0481

ASCII Peep Show

For a show curated by Domenico Quaranta in Nova Gorica I did a version of this where I’ve put tiny ascii sculptures inside a closet and you peeped. The theme was some gay divorce (can’t remember why):

The original
The original
The final thing
The final thing

Art and Society

For a local art trienial in 2003 I installed two cameras monitoring the entrances to the Modern Art Gallery and to the American Embassy. They were (kinda) counting the traffic and generating daily sms reports comparing the two numbers. The ratio between these numbers was named “relation between art and power”. For some other show in Graz I did a movie (in powerpoint) explaining the project. Here’s the slide deck I used:


Dragan Espenschied gameboy pix

In 99 Olia got me to her school to talk of my stuff. When I came Dragan Espenschied made few photos with his gameboy:

Enough is enough

Now go away. No mo blog..