[-19] Pride and Fear

Constant Dullaart had an opening in Ljubljana last week and we’ve managed to spend some relaxed time together, talking. Two things were most important: when we spoke of the camaraderie between net.artists in the nineties and when we dwelled casually about things we could do together. That reminded me of a point that I hold dear. If I continue writing I might actually mention it. And if you continue reading you might find it. It’s as simple as that.

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[-20] Matrix Mucus is Made of Numbers

When in February of 1894 Martial Bourdin blew to pieces next to the Greenwich Observatory the police and the media could only link it to the anarchist bombing campaign that was very much in vogue at the time but could not discern the true motive. They didn’t need it really, but the motives behind that death are still damn important and I think I can recognise them. This is a post about measuring things. Continue reading [-20] Matrix Mucus is Made of Numbers