[-25] The short list

Adam Curtis, Aleksandar Vučo, Aleksandr Rodčenko, Alexei Shulgin, Andre Breton, Bruce Sterling, Chris Marker, Claude Lanzmann, Cory Doctorow, Daniil Harms, Danilo Kiš, Domenico Quaranta, Dragan Aleksić, Dušan Barok, Dušan Matić, Eva& Franco Mattes, Felix Stalder, Francis Picabia, Gebhard Sengmuller, George Maciunas, Georges Perec, Guillaume Apollinaire, Hans & Lizz Ubermorgen, Heath Bunting, Irwin, Janez Janša, Jean-Luc Godard, Jodi, Joe Strummer, John Waters, Johnny Rotten, Josephine Bosma, Julian Stallabrass, Koča Popović, Ljubomir Micić, Lou Reed, Louis Bunuel, Luka Frelih, Luther Blissett, Man Ray, Manuel Castells, Marcel Duchamp, Marcell Mars, Marko Ristić, Miroljub Todorović, Mladen Stilinović, Morrissey, Neil Postman, Paul Valery, Paul Weller, Pete Shelley, Pit Schultz, Primo Levi, Ranko Marinković, Rastko Petrović, Raymond Queneau, Rtmark, Sarah Cook, Saul Albert, Slaven Tolj, Srečko Kosovel, Stanislav Vinaver, Ted Byfield, Tom Jennings, Tony Judt, Vladimir Perić Talent, Vlado Martek, Wes Anderson, William Gibson, Wim Delvoye.


[-26] On digital intuitions

Last post was about combatting the nazi threat and a friend sent me to read (great) Albert Camus Letters to a German Friend. In order to find the best quality epub to download I also used Google. This morning when I went to Amazon for other reasons literally all recommendations on the front page were Camus books. The chilling effect happened again with Youtube and these two instances made me write down a few lines. I believe this to be a completely normal reaction of mine. Continue reading [-26] On digital intuitions

[-27] Been to two bad talks and a protest

The times are getting more and more dense. It’s time for action – I went to two good talks about bad things: Boris Buden was interviewed about his new book The End of Post-communism (Ger Czech Slo) while Mirko Ilić spoke at the Festival of Tolerance about skinhead iconography among Balkan football hooligans. The protest was against wild privatisation in Slovenia so I guess this is a post about the broader non-digital context of digital art.

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