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The other day I’ve been reading a book by a nice writer and then — as it sometimes happens — my eyes kept sliding across words and lines but my mind went elsewhere. Just like in that Eames video “Powers of 10” I caught myself zooming out from that situation and looking at some non-me reading any book by any author, and then I was seeing any person in any epoch reading anything. Continue reading [-33] Read more

[-34] Very Cyber Indeed

As I promised the other time here’s a story of Very Cyber Indeed, a print magazine about internet revolution as we understood it in 1995. The post happens to be a bit long so it’s just for the strongest among the historians of net.art.

It was a hot summer of a hot year. Upon returning from Venice Biennial opening where I was busy glowing of digital bliss and co-founding the Nettime mailing list it became clear that we should explain the world what a blast this whole internet thing is.  Continue reading [-34] Very Cyber Indeed


This is the deal: my artist friends Janez Janšas (plural) have this website here and they’ve asked me to be their first resident blogger. Since I’ve never actually blogged it seamed like a good idea to empty the rarely opened drawers of my mind – as they surely say in some culture or other. Even though I will probably be talking about myself most of the time I am aware that I’m inhabiting precious idea-space of these three dedicated guys. Strange and fine feeling. Continue reading [-36] YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED